Tag: No Risk No Reward

No Risk, No Reward: YoCam And ShiftWear

A small, all-in-one life camera and e-paper sneakers.

Gadgets December 28, 2015

No Risk, No Reward: HeadPal And Sound Reactive Mask

The Snuggie of headphones and a mask that lights up to music are among the projects seeking funding via Kickstarter campaigns.

Gadgets December 21, 2015

No Risk, No Reward: SoundBrake And ONAGOfly

One alerts folks to loud noises and one's a palm-sized camera drone that follows folks. Guess which!

Gadgets December 14, 2015

No Risk, No Reward: EverLights and Drumi

This week: all-year holiday lights and a portable washer.

Gadgets December 7, 2015

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