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Odyssey Toys’ Pocket Drone Collapses For Maximum Portability

Odyssey's new Pocket drone isn't just affordable, it's also designed for easy portability.

Robotics January 6, 2016

NASA's Odyssey Spacecraft Nears 60,000th Orbit Of Mars

The Odyssey orbiter circling Mars is about to complete its 60,000th trip around the red planet. The veteran spacecraft has a history of accomplishments, and its future is still bright.

Space June 20, 2015

NASA Mars orbiter Odyssey survives comet Siding Spring flyby, sends back photos as proof

Computer models projected NASA's Odyssey orbiter could possibly be in danger of the dust from comet Siding Spring's close brush with Mars. Data received from the spacecraft indicate it is in good health.

Space October 21, 2014

NASA Mars Odyssey orbiter watches Siding Spring comet zip past at a hair's breadth

Computer models projected NASA's Odyssey to be in slight danger with the flyby of comet Siding Spring close to planet Mars. However, data received from the orbiter confirmed the spacecraft is fine and have even made observations of the phenomenon.

Space October 20, 2014

Red Planet orbiters on red alert as Comet Siding Spring looms

Comet Siding Spring will make a close encounter with Mars, and NASA is moving orbiters out of the way, fearing damage to the vehicles.

Space August 6, 2014

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