Razer Unveils New And Improved OSVR HDK 2 At E3 2016, And It's $200 Cheaper Than Oculus Rift

A new OSVR HDK 2 made its debut at E3 2016, boasting notable improvements over its predecessor. The HDK 2 aims to rival the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive at a significantly lower price point.

Gadgets June 13, 2016

Crytek Launches VR-Ready Cryengine V As 'Most Powerful Game Development Platform,' And It's Free [Video]

Crytek launched Cryengine V, the company’s latest version of its 3D game engine designed for creating VR gaming experiences. It is now available at no charge to developers, boasting neat functionality.

Apps/Software March 20, 2016

Open Source Virtual Reality Headset Hacker Development Kit Will Be Available For Preorder On Oct. 1

A new Hacker Development Kit for the Open Source Virtual Reality headset will become available for preorders for developers who aim to dabble in the world of VR.

Wearable Tech September 5, 2015

Leap Motion Partners With Razer To Bring Hand Tracking Technology To OSVR Headset

Leap Motion preps the launch of its hand-tracking face plate. The faceplate will be available first on the Razer, but will arrive on other headsets in the future.

Gadgets March 27, 2015

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