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NOAA May Have Manipulated Climate Change Data Ahead Of Paris Conference

Scientist John Bates claims NOAA has manipulated the 2015 climatic change data to satisfy political agenda before the Paris Conference. The report is believed to have hidden the fact that global warming paused in the period since 1998.

Earth/Environment February 6, 2017

World Bank Says Climate Change Can Impoverish 100 Million By 2030: How Global Warming Causes Poverty

Global warming greatly affects the goal of eradicating extreme poverty. A report by the World Bank revealed the poorest of the poor are most exposed to climate-related disasters brought on by global warming.

Earth/Environment November 16, 2015

Leaders Of Catholic Church Issue 10-Point Climate Change Appeal

Catholic leaders around the world came up with an appeal for climate change negotiators in the upcoming United Nations climate change summit aimed to curb global warming. Inspired by Pope Francis, their 10-point climate change appeal urges political leaders to consider poor and vulnerable nations in decision making processes.

Life October 27, 2015

Warming Could Be Limited To 2°C If Major Economy Takes Lead In Climate Change Fight: Study

A new study published Oct. 26 in the journal Nature recommended that the European Union or the United States roughly double its ongoing 2030 emissions reduction goal. The leadership of major economies was deemed critical in the results of the upcoming Paris climate change conference.

Earth/Environment October 26, 2015

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