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Honda Unveils New Civic Type R At Paris Motor Show: Yes, It Will Be Coming To The US

Looking to build upon the success of the 2016 Civic, Honda unveiled the new Civic Type R at the Paris Motor Show. The vehicle will be the first Type R car of Honda coming to the United States.

Car Tech October 3, 2016

These 5 Hottest Cars Are Blazing A Trail At The 2016 Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show 2016 kicked off on the very first day of October. We've selected the five hottest cars that are blazing a trail.

Car Tech October 2, 2016

Tesla Model S May Have Met Its Match: Introducing The Electric G4 Concept Car From GLM

The Paris Motor Show 2016 brought on many surprises, and supercar fans will want to read on. GLM, a car builder startup, has unveiled the G4 electric supercar that is gunning for Tesla Model S’ market.

Car Tech October 2, 2016

Paris Motor Show 2016: Audi Debuts New 400-Horsepower RS 3 Sedan

The Audi RS 3 Sedan will debut at the Paris Motor Show 2016. The car will be available in the U.S. and China starting summer 2017 and will come in two colors: red and gray.

Car Tech September 30, 2016

Electric Vehicles Take Center Stage At Paris Motor Show 2016

Many carmakers opted to skip this year's Paris Motor Show, with some even choosing to showcase electric cars instead of luxury cars. There's a general atmosphere that the show is focused on emerging electric vehicles.

Car Tech September 30, 2016

Paris Motor Show 2016: At This Year's Biggest Auto Show, Ford, Volvo, Rolls Royce And Others Will Be A No-Show

Why will Ford, Volvo, Rolls Royce, and other big auto brands skip the Paris Motor Show 2016? The cost of running a show at the event and the existence of alternative marketing channels are two of the reasons.

Car Tech September 29, 2016

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