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Passenger Drones To Fly Over Dubai Skies Very Soon But Will It Reach The US?

The EHang 184 passenger drone will soon grace the Dubai skyline. The human-sized quadcopter capable of ferrying a single passenger could fly over Dubai skies by July but will it also reach America?

Car Tech February 14, 2017

The Ehang 184 Is A Human-Sized Autonomous Drone That Can Fly You Around Without A Pilot, But Don’t Get Excited Yet

The Ehang 184 promises a future where the highways are replaced with skyways filled with the world's first passenger drone that requires no license to fly. Sounds too good to be true? It is for now, at least.

FUTURE TECH January 10, 2016

EHang Has Announced A Passenger Drone That Flies At 60 MPH

Drone-maker EHang has announced a new quadcopter designed to carry people. The drone is able to fly at up to 60 mph, and can carry a person who weighs up to 260 pounds.

Gadgets January 6, 2016

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