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Peppermint Can Help Ease Problems In Swallowing Food

A study revealed that taking peppermint tablets before meals may help ease the symptoms of esophageal disorders. People who consumed peppermint before eating said they felt better.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 28, 2019

Smelling Vanilla, Coffee, Or Peppermint May Reduce Cigarette Cravings

Most adult smokers say they want to quit, yet only about one in 10 cigarette smokers give up smoking for good each year. A study found that pleasant smells could actually help people give up smoking.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 16, 2019

Peppermint Tea May Help Boost Long And Short-Term Memory

Peppermint tea may help enhance mood and memory, a new study has found. Experts say that compared to chamomile, which has calming effects, peppermint tea provides more alertness and cognition to people, especially in older adults.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 30, 2016

Peppermint And Cinnamon Extracts Deployed In Nanoparticle Capsules To Fight Harmful Bacteria

Encapsulating molecules extracted from peppermint and cinnamon in silica nanoparticles allowed researchers to take advantage of the microbial properties of these materials. The tiny capsules could be deployed to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA.

July 9, 2015

Why Does Peppermint Make Us Feel Cold? Science Unlocks The Answer

The holidays always begin the season of peppermint, usually in the form of candy canes we hang on our trees and eat later. But why does peppermint leave our mouth feeling cold? Science has an answer.

Internet Culture December 19, 2014

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