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Goodbye, Potholes: Self-Healing Roads Could Fix Potholes Automatically And Charge Electric Cars In The Process

Dutch scientists are working on a special type of asphalt that could revolutionize infrastructure. The modified asphalt sports self-healing properties and could also charge electric vehicles on the road.

Material Science May 8, 2017

These Potholes Tweet At The Government When They Need To Be Fixed

Potholes are a constant problem in any major city. One daily news show in Panama decided to do something about them in the nation's capital using Twitter, of all things.

Internet June 1, 2015

Self-healing Concrete Vanishes Potholes Using Bacteria. Here's How it Works

Potholes will automatically repair themselves thanks to a new self-healing concrete that uses bacteria to fill in gaps before they become hazards on the road.

Geek December 4, 2014

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