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New Study Sheds Light On Sickle Cell Behavior In Blood Vessels

Scientists at MIT might have paved the way to predicting and, eventually, preventing vaso-occlusive pain crisis. A new study sheds light to the mechanisms that make sickle cells stick together and block blood vessels.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 7, 2018

Comcast rolling out a global all-fiber network, no time frame yet set

Comcast is looking to boost Internet speed with an all-fiber network. The move comes after a PR flap over attempts to discontinue its cable service by a tech journalist went viral.

Internet July 25, 2014

Katie Cotton: Leaving 'my heart and soul' Apple was a difficult decision

The person behind Apple's PR rise, Katie Cotton, is retiring. The move leaves a void in the company's media relationship.

Business May 8, 2014

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