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Father-Friendly Cues In OB-GYN Offices May Get Men To Be More Involved In Prenatal Care

A room or OB-GYN clinic with more father-friendly cues increased an expectant father’s confidence to be more involved in prenatal care and in fatherhood. A study by a New Jersey university conducted trials related to this research.

Public Health May 30, 2019

Prenatal Exposure To BPA Ups Chances Of Developing Depression And Anxiety In Boys

Prenatal BPA exposure has been found to increase risks of depression and anxiety symptoms in boys. This is on top of other adverse effects that have been associated with the chemical so far, like preterm births and lung complications.

Public Health August 17, 2016

Researchers Studying 'Placenta On A Chip' To Gain Pregnancy Insight

Thanks to chip a new technological development, the workings of the human placenta can now be more easily studied. A minuscule chip permits scientists to understand how this key organ functions during pregnancy.

Life June 21, 2015

Many pregnant women not aware how household toxins can affect babies

Although obstetricians are aware of the importance of giving advice to pregnant women about environmental hazards that can harm developing babies, many fail to provide counseling. Health providers caring for lower income women find it difficult to raise the issue to their patients.

Life June 28, 2014

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