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Private Insurance Policy Holders Could Soon Get Free Daily HIV Prevention Drugs

PrEP, a treatment that prevents the transmission of HIV, has received an 'A' recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. This means that insurance will soon cover medicine for high-risk individuals at no cost.

Medicine June 13, 2019

Sydney Man Steven Spencer Contracts HIV Despite Taking PrEP Anti-HIV Drugs

A man in Sydney has contracted HIV despite taking PrEP anti-retroviral drugs. Advocates hope the case does not discourage potential patients from taking the medication.

Medicine March 23, 2019

More Than 1,100 Sign Up For Trial Of New HIV Drug In Australia

A clinical trial in Australia for the new HIV drug recruits over 1,100 participants. According to doctors, the PrEP drug called Truvada could help in significantly reducing the rates of infection.

Medicine May 24, 2016

Truvada Brings HIV Cure Closer To Reality: How It Works

Truvada proved to be effective in preventing HIV infection in real world setting. In San Francisco area, none of the 657 high-risk individuals who used the HIV prevention pill daily contracted the AIDS-causing virus.

Life September 13, 2015

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo supports HIV prevention pill

Gilead's Truvada gets more endorsement after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled that PrEP is part of his administration's strategy to combat HIV and AIDS. Preventive medicine expected to help reduce AIDs infection rates.

Life July 5, 2014

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