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2017 Toyota Prius Review Roundup: What Green Car Experts Think About The New Prius

Toyota showcased its latest Prius variant, the Prime, and the model comes with serious improvements. From the heftier electric battery to the features and revamped design, the Prime is a strong hybrid rival to Chevrolet Volt and Ford Fusion Energi.

Car Tech October 4, 2016

Toyota Prius Ad Turns Car Parts Into Anime Girls

Ever wanted to see what a car engine would look like as a girl? Your strange wish has now come true.

Movies/TV Shows January 20, 2016

Toyota Recalls 625,000 Prius And Other Hybrids Due To Software Glitch

Toyota is recalling nearly 625,000 Prius and other hybrid cars worldwide. The Japanese car maker needs to fix a software glitch that could potentially close the hybrid system when the vehicle is being driven.

FUTURE TECH July 16, 2015

Ford, Hyundai preparing new hybrid Toyota Prius killer?

Both Ford and Hyundai are currently developing vehicles that the companies hope will dethrone the Toyota Prius as the hybrid car leader. Ford is looking to release its new hybrid as a 2019 model, while Hyundai was spotted testing its new hybrid.

FUTURE TECH August 21, 2014

Prius Tops Consumer Reports Top Hybrid Car For 11th Straight Year

The Toyota Prius wins Consumer Report's Top Green Car for 2014.

FUTURE TECH March 8, 2014

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