Tag: Problem Solving

Planning Algorithms Add Human Intuition, Get Performance Boost

Planning algorithms are on a level all their own when it comes to solving problems but MIT researchers have discovered that there’s still room for improvement when human intuition is added to the equation.

Robotics February 9, 2017

Pea Plants Show Ability To Take Risks And Gamble For Nutrients

Like humans, pea plants can also call the shots. A new study has demonstrated these plants' incredible ability to take risks and gamble, all for the sake of nutrients.

Earth/Environment July 1, 2016

Researchers Show Liberals And Conservatives Really Do Think Differently

Different people think differently. Researchers, however, have found that liberals specifically differ from their conservative counterparts by leaning toward a certain thinking style when solving problems.

Society March 17, 2016

Why Humans are Smarter than Chimps? Thank this Brain Network

Chimps may appear more cunning but humans are still smarter, according to a study. Brain differences show people still have higher cognitive abilities than other primates.

December 6, 2014

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