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Women View Men With Flashy Cars As More Promiscuous

A study found that men with flashy cars are viewed as more sexually promiscuous and likely disengaged in finding a partner for life. The finding contradicted previous assumptions that men with lavish cars are instantaneously attractive to women.

Feature | Science May 8, 2018

Female Flies Found To Be More Promiscuous In Cold Climates, But Monogamous Behavior Is Based On Genes

Researchers found that while female fruit flies tend to have more sex partners in cooler climates, the insect’s genetics play a major role in whether or not they practice monogamy.

Animals October 27, 2015

No Link Between HPV Vaccine And Promiscuous Sex, Says Study

The HPV vaccine may introduce the idea of sex early but it does not cause promiscuous behavior, according to researchers.

Life February 10, 2015

Finger Length May Predict Faithfulness Or Promiscuity Of Men And Women

Although it does not predict individual behavior, the length of a person's index and ring fingers relative to each other could give hints as to whether or not the person is inclined to be promiscuous.

Life February 6, 2015

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