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Resistance Training Not As Effective As Endurance Training In Anti-Aging

A new research from a team of scientists from Germany revealed that endurance training and interval training provide better anti-aging results than strength training. The research involved over 200 participants who underwent different exercises for six months.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 28, 2018

Exercising And Weightlifting Can Help Relieve Depression Symptoms

A new study showed that resistance exercise training can help improve a person's mental health. Certain activities such as weightlifting had a positive effect on people who were dealing with depression symptoms.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 9, 2018

Lifting Weights Twice A Week May Slow Brain Aging

Researchers from the University of British Columbia analyzed 155 women ages 65 to 75. They discovered how the elderly female subjects gained important resistance training benefits.

Life October 24, 2015

Best exercise to combat teen obesity

Teenage obesity is an epidemic that can lead to life-threatening problems later in life. A team of Canadian researchers have conducted a study showing the best exercise plan for teens wanting to lose weight.

Life September 25, 2014

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