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Morgan Freeman Now The Latest Actor To Get Hit With Multiple Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Yes, Morgan Freeman too. The actor, known by many for his iconic voice and award-winning film roles, is now the latest to receive allegations of sexual misconduct.

Movies/TV Shows May 25, 2018

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Pledges To Be More ‘Aggressive’ On Harassment, Abuse, And Hate Speech

Twitter is working to enforce its current rules on abuse more aggressively, and roll out new policies on unwanted sexual advances and propaganda, according to CEO Jack Dorsey. This follows a widespread boycott of the platform.

Internet October 15, 2017

Female Guppies Can Swim Faster Than Males To Prevent 'Harassment'

A new study found that sexual harassment may injure female guppies at first but as it become more exposed to male coercion, it develops behavioral and physiological changes that can help enhance its adaptation. The researchers compared this finding to female athletes who, when subjected to rigorous and contiuous training can develop their skills.

Earth/Environment August 26, 2015

2 in 3 female scientists face sexual harassment at workplace

An alarming number of female scientists are encountering sexual harassment at the workplace. Per a new study, nearly two in three women scientists have to grapple with sexual advances.

July 20, 2014

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