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1 Young Person In Britain Is Diagnosed With STD Every 4 Minutes: Report

One young person in England is said to be diagnosed with an STD every four minutes. Just like in the United States, a majority of the cases are of chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Public Health October 26, 2018

STI Rates On The Rise: Symptoms And Treatment For Syphilis And Gonorrhea

Syphilis and gonorrhea cases in England continue to rise. The government is encouraging its citizens, especially the younger generation, to practice safe sex to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Public Health June 6, 2018

Gonorrhea Cases In Australia Rise By 63 Percent In 5 Years

Latest data on STIs show an alarming 63 percent rise in the number of gonorrhea cases in Australia in the past five years. What's behind the huge increase in this sexually transmitted disease?

Public Health November 6, 2017

Texan Contracts Zika From Sexual Encounter

This is the first case of Zika infection that appears to be sexually transmitted, since its 2016 emergence on the international scene.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 2, 2016

Venereal goes social? Patient sues hospital after STD diagnosis goes on Facebook

It seems like a bad break-up, after an ex-boyfriend allegedly posted her ex-girlfriend’s syphilis diagnosis to a Facebook page for promiscuous women. Now, the victim sues them and the hospital.

Internet June 11, 2014

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