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Wounds May Heal Faster When Sustained During The Day: Study

A new study revealed that wounds sustained during the day heal 60 percent faster than those sustained at night. Researchers say the finding can help doctors find effective wound-healing drugs and also improve surgery.

Medicine November 10, 2017

Nanotechnology Device Can Heal Damaged Tissues With A Single Touch

The technology Tissue Nanotransfection can repair injured legs with just one touch. Treatment takes less than a second and does not have any known side effects. Here's how it works.

Biotech August 8, 2017

Working Heart Muscle Regenerated From Skin Cells

Scientists grew a functional heart tissue in a lab made from donated, scrapped donor hearts. During the electrical stimulation in the tissue analysis, the grown heart tissue demonstrated functional contraction as a response.

Life March 14, 2016

Scientists Reprogram Human Skin Cells To Produce Insulin, Spur Hope For Type-2 Diabetes Treatment

A team of scientists in California successfully changed the hardwiring of certain human skin cells to make it produce insulin. The experiment could possibly help patients with Type 2 diabetes, experts said.

Life January 15, 2016

Time Spent In Space Causing Thinning Of Skin

Scientists at Saarland University in Germany have discovered that the thinning of astronauts' skin during their stay in space could potentially be caused by a sudden increase in collagen production in their skin and the shrinking of the living cells of their epidermis.

Life July 23, 2015

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