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Forcing Smiles At Work Leads To Heavy Drinking, Study Finds

Can faking a smile for customers affect employees at work? A new study finds that it leads employees to engage in heavy drinking during their off hours.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 14, 2019

Smiling Can Actually Make People Happier, Study Finds

Can the simple act of smiling really make a person feel happy? The debate has been going on for decades, but researchers now find that it actually can.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 13, 2019

Smiles Aren't Created Equally: Research Finds Physical Impacts Of Different Smiles

Results of a new study showed how different types of smiles can elicit different physical effects. The study uncovered how people can physically react to non-verbal social cues.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 4, 2018

Software Reveals How Smiling Evolved During 100 Years Of Yearbook Photos

Data mining helped researchers show the evolution of the smile in the past 100 years. The researchers created an 'average' face and smile for each decade from thousands of high school yearbook photos in the United States from the 1900s onwards.

Society November 26, 2015

Chimpanzees Do Smile ... Like Humans Do

Using ChimpFACS, researchers were able to find that, just like humans, chimpanzees can smile without producing laughing sounds. Chimps also produce facial expressions to communicate their emotions.

Animals June 11, 2015

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