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Climate Engineering Can Cool The Earth But With Potentially Dangerous Effects

Climate engineering in an enticing way to alleviate global warming but altering the composition of the Earth's atmosphere could be more dangerous. Scientists warn that geoengineering, once started, would have a severe impact on biodiversity if stopped.

Earth/Environment January 23, 2018

Artificially Cooling The Planet May Create New Natural Disasters

Can artificially cooling the planet's atmosphere reduce tropical cyclones and hurricanes? Researchers say yes, it could. However, such methods may benefit one region and at the same time, harm another.

Earth/Environment November 15, 2017

Solar Geoengineering Aerosol May Be Able To Cool Earth, Fix Ozone Layer: Harvard Study

To control the faster warming of Earth, merely reducing greenhouse gases will not work. One more way is stratospheric cooling by using light-reflecting aerosols, according to a new study by Harvard researchers who are offering a risk-free aerosol application that will not hurt the ozone layer.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

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