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NASA To Send Spacecraft To The Sun: Here's The Technology That Will Make Solar Probe Plus Mission Possible

NASA will send a spacecraft to the sun by 2018. Here are the technologies that will protect the Solar Probe Plus and its instruments from extreme heat and radiation.

Space May 30, 2017

Solar Probe Plus: NASA To Announce Its First Mission To Fly Directly Into The Sun's Atmosphere

NASA revealed that it would announce its first mission that would fly directly to the sun's outer atmosphere. The mission is dubbed Solar Probe Plus and the probe would fly within four million miles of the sun to conduct research.

Space May 27, 2017

NASA To Send A Probe To The Sun In 2018

NASA is set to launch the Solar Probe Plus mission in 2018. The spacecraft will get within 4 million miles from the sun to gather crucial data about solar activities that can impact life on Earth.

Space February 26, 2017

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