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Michael Lynton, Sony Entertainment CEO, Joins Snapchat

Sony Entertainment's CEO Michael Lynton has stepped down from the company to join Snap Inc. as Chairman instead . Lynton will be taking over his responsibilities at Snap Inc. after six months.

Business Tech January 15, 2017

Sony To Pay Michael Jackson's Estate $750 Million To Claim 50 Percent Of Sony/ATV

Sony has agreed to shell out $750 million to buy Michael Jackson's remaining 50 percent stake in Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Sony will soon have complete of the whole music publishing company.

Business March 15, 2016

#FreeKesha: Kesha Issues Instagram Thank You As Celebs Tweet Support, Offer To Make Music With Her

Kesha has been garnering huge celebrity support via Twitter in her contract battle with Sony and her alleged attacker, music producer Dr. Luke. The pop star just issued an emotional thank you to her supporters via Instagram.

February 25, 2016

Sony Pictures Cyber Attack May Have Been Inside Job: Many Questions, Few Answers

Hackers have attacked Sony Pictures and are holding the data that they extracted up for ransom. There is a possibility that the hackers were able to carry out the hacking attack because they were assisted by Sony Pictures employees.

Business November 26, 2014

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