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Arizona Woman Michelle Myers Wakes Up With British Accent After Sleeping With Headache

For two years, an American who has never stepped foot outside the country has been speaking completely in a British accent. What is Foreign Accent Syndrome and who is vulnerable to it?

Neuroscience April 15, 2019

Singing Mice Study May Lead To New Speech Disorder Treatments

Unlike other lab animals, Alston's singing mice from Costa Rica take turns in a duet. Studying this mouse species helped researchers better understand how human brains engage in a conversation.

Animals March 1, 2019

Vocal Cords Grown In A Lab May Someday Cure Voice Or Speech Impairment

People whose voices are impaired because of severely damaged vocal cords could someday get help from bioengineered cords, researchers suggest. Cords grown from donor cells show promise, they say.

Life November 19, 2015

British Woman Wakes Up With Strong Chinese Accent: What To Know About Foreign Accent Syndrome

Forty-year-old Sarah Colwill from Plymouth in the United Kingdom developed a very rare speech disorder known as Foreign Accent Syndrome after suffering a stroke. The condition has caused her accent to change from her natural Devon drawl to a Chinese sounding one.

Life July 8, 2015

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