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3D-Printed Jet-Powered Drone Takes To The Skies At A Whopping 150 MPH

The fastest drone in the world is probably at the Dubai Air Show right now. Thanks to a jet engine, the drone can reach speeds of up to 150 mph.

FUTURE TECH November 10, 2015

3D-Printed Heart Plays Huge Role In Complicated Surgery On 5-Year-Old Girl

A 3D printed heart saved the life of a 5-year-old in Miami. Company Stratasys 3D used CTI and MRI data to produce the model that helped the surgeons plan and carry out the surgery successfully.

Life October 12, 2015

Adobe And Stratasys Are Bringing 3D Printing To Photoshop

Adobe and Stratasys have announced a partnership that will see users of Photoshop CC able to send their 3D files over to be printed through Stratasys Direct Express.

Gadgets October 6, 2015

Girl Who Loves Dolphins Gifted With 3D Printed Prosthetic Arm

A girl born without part of her forearm was surprised to find that a group have gifted her a prosthetic arm. The 3D printed gift was given to her during an event featuring her well-loved dolphins.

Earth/Environment June 5, 2015

MakerBot Lays Off One-Fifth Workforce, Closing Retail Locations

The workforce reduction and re-organization happen two years after it was acquired by Stratasys. The goal ahead is to focus on national sales and build the product portfolio, say company leaders.

Geek April 18, 2015

UPS delivers 3D printing services for small businesses

From six stores to 100, UPS' 3D printing services just got a lot more convenient. UPS and partner Stratasys want consumers and small businesses to have access to high-end 3D printers.

Computers September 22, 2014

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