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Teen Cheerleader Lilliana Schalck's Sudden Death Caused By Strep Infection

A teen cheerleader fell ill during a competition and just hours later was pronounced dead at the hospital. Evidently, the cause of her death was a strep infection.

Feature | Health April 28, 2019

8-Year-Old Boy Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Falling Off A Bike

There’s another death from the scary flesh-eating disease. An 8-year-old Oregon boy contracted necrotizing fasciitis and was declared dead within days after crashing his bike.

Public Health January 27, 2018

California Girl Succumbs To Deadly Infection That Was Misdiagnosed As Flu

Alyssa Joyce Alcaraz, a 12-year-old girl from California, died due to a deadly infection. Doctors misdiagnosed her condition as the flu, which has recently been out of control in the state.

Public Health January 10, 2018

Scarlet Fever: Signs, Symptoms And Treatment

Scarlet fever, which commonly affects children, is a bacterial illness that causes a distinctive pink-red rash. It is primarily caused by the bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes, known also as group A streptococcus.

Life March 22, 2016

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