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Help Save Stray Cats By Checking In On Foursquare's Swarm

Foursquare partnered with Alley Cat Rescue in a donation campaign to help save stray cats. Users can join by simply checking in to a location through the company’s Swarm app.

Society October 2, 2015

Missing Foursquare Mayorships? It's Back On Swarm For iOS And Android

Foursquare has reinstated the mayorships feature in Swarm. If you have the social check-in app for iOS and Android and missed the fun feature, then you have another chance at becoming a mayor.

Apps/Software June 23, 2015

Will the new Swarm app of Foursquare help keep it relevant?

Love checking in at Foursquare? Heads up! The service is breaking into two apps and getting rid of its check-in button, as per the company. One app is called Swarm, the other is a reinvention of the current Foursquare. So what makes the difference?

Apps/Software May 5, 2014

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