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All 2017 Ford Models Will Be Compatible With Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Ford will push out its Sync 3 system to all 2017 models of its vehicles, which will make them compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The system unlocks many commands for drivers and passengers within their vehicles.

Car Tech July 25, 2016

Ford Introduces New Kuga SUV With Sync 3 Connectivity System

The automaker's new vehicle is equipped with everything from hands-free parking features to a bolstered Active City Stop collision-avoidance system.

FUTURE TECH February 23, 2016

Ford Switches Microsoft Out for BlackBerry to Rev Up Sync 3

Ford has dropped Microsoft in favor of BlackBerry for its newest iteration of the Sync 3 in-car system. The system boasts improved graphics, better voice control, and a faster processor to handle all of a driver's needs with ease.

FUTURE TECH December 12, 2014

Ford Ditches Microsoft in Favor of BlackBerry QNX: Say Hello to Sync 3

Ford may have had a little setback with MyFord Touch in previous years, but Sync 3 is set to put all those irritable comments about the old infotainment system from Ford to rest. Will the new Sync turn things around for Ford?

FUTURE TECH December 12, 2014

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