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Mattel Comes Up With A Barbie Hologram

Mattel is trying to keep up with the times by coming up with a toy that displays Barbie in a holographic effect. The toy will be making its launch this fall.

Gadgets February 19, 2017

Talking Doll 'Hello Barbie' Draws Ire From Critics

"Downright creepy": the latest Barbie doll can hold a conversation — and let Mattel eavesdrop on kids, according to privacy advocates.

Business March 16, 2015

Barbie is dropping the F-word? UK mom thinks so, but...

A UK mother thinks her daughter's new Barbie doll may have been dropping the F-bomb. A look at the list of the recorded phrases that the doll plays back, however, shows that it was all merely a case of, she said what?

Movies/TV Shows September 18, 2014

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