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Water Bears May Offer Clues To Human Health And Survival

Tardigrades are much tinier than a speck, yet they are among the most resilient creatures that ever lived on Earth. Humans could learn a thing or two about preservation and survival from these water bears.

Animals March 21, 2019

New Species Of Tardigrade Discovered In Japan: How To Find These Tiny Animals

Tardigrades or water bears can be found practically anywhere but they’re so small at less than a millimeter, it’s hard to spot them using the bare eye. Look for them in rocks, trees, and moss.

Animals March 3, 2018

Indestructible Tardigrades: Water Bears Can Survive The Apocalypse

Researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Harvard explore the astrophysical events that could kill tardigrades and sterilize the Earth. What they found was a resilience of life on Earth thanks to tardigrades.

Animals July 15, 2017

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