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Pediatricians Should Help Parents Talk To Their Children About Sex

Pediatricians should be an additional source of sexual health information and help parents on how to best talk to their children about sex and sexuality. The initiative can help in reducing teenage pregnancy risks as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 21, 2016

Teen Boy's Attitude Towards Risky Sex, Pregnancy And Birth Control Predicts What Kind Of Father He Will Be

It is possible to determine if male teens will live with their future children. Their attitudes toward risky sex, pregnancy and birth control could predict patterns of fatherhood in the future.

Society February 17, 2016

Here's Proof Why Parents Need To Have 'Sex Talk' With Their Kids

Talking about safe sex with your kids may make you cringe but it's totally worth it, experts say. Parents can influence their children's sexual behavior for the better, and help protect them against unwanted pregnancies.

Life November 6, 2015

Adolescent Mothers At Higher Risk Of Further Pregnancies During Teenage Years: Study

Researchers found that adolescent mothers seeking for abortion are more likely to have had a previous pregnancy. Further pregnancies that are unwanted, unplanned and mistimed are also more common to these young women.

Life September 22, 2015

More Teens Using Morning-After Pill, Says CDC Report

A new study revealed improved statistics in teenage sexual activity and methods of contraception. More teenage girls are now using the morning-after pill because it has become easier to buy. Experts emphasize that there are still health risks to consider for Americans who engage in sex at an early age.

Life July 23, 2015

New moms are older; fewer teens are having babies, claims new CDC research

A CDC report says women are putting off having that first baby for career and economic reasons and that public awareness is likely why teenage pregnancy is declining. Fertility rate hit a record low in 2013.

Life May 31, 2014

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