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Stephen Colbert Performs A Different Kind Of Video Game Speedrun On 'The Late Show'

Stephen Colbert tries to cook and eat a Hot Pocket before speedrunner Mitch Fowler completes 'Super Mario Bros. 3.' Does he succeed?

Movies/TV Shows July 6, 2016

Stephen Colbert Hosts 'The Legend of Zelda' Symphony Performance On 'The Late Show'

'The Legend of Zelda' has always featured some truly amazing music, and thanks to a performance on 'The Late Show' with Stephen Colbert, it looks like Zelda may be getting a few new fans.

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2015

Legend Of Zelda Symphony To Play Sweet Music On 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'

Stephen Colbert will welcome musical guest The Legend of Zelda Symphony of The Goddess on Oct. 13. The highly acclaimed orchestra has been touring across North America and Europe to perform arrangements of melodies from various 'Legend of Zelda' games.

Internet Culture October 6, 2015

Stephen Colbert Takes A Tour Around 'No Man's Sky,' Names A Planet After Himself

Stephen Colbert was unprepared for the scope of 'No Man's Sky' when the developer stopped by 'The Late Show.' He was even more amazed when a planet and several creatures were named after him.

Geek October 3, 2015

Watch Stephen Colbert Say Buh-bye To 'Colbeard' In Preparation For 'The Late Show'

Bye-Bye 'Colbeard,' Hello 'Late Show!' Stephen Colbert shaves off his beard in anticipation of his first night hosting the show.

Movies/TV Shows June 4, 2015

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