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Combining 3 Antibody Drugs Shown Effective In Suppressing HIV

A new research at the Rockefeller University has shown that HIV can be suppressed by combining three antibodies in the treatment. This checks the ability of the virus to escape the immune system and mutate.

Medicine January 28, 2017

Stem cells self-organize with help from geometry

Human stem cells can form into organs, blood and brains, given a little help from chemicals and geometry.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2014

Geometry helps scientists unlock mystery of human embryonic stem cell formation

Researchers at Rockefeller University used chemicals and geometric tools to confine stem cells into patterns that triggered the cells to specialize and form distinct germ layers. This is the first time this specialization has been replicated with human stem cells in a lab.

Life July 4, 2014

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