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New Study On Darwin’s Finches In The Galapagos Proves Theory Of Evolution By Natural Selection

Researchers found that the finches in the Galapagos were more likely to have originated from the Caribbean. Their finding also supported the theory of evolution by natural selection in which birds have evolved depending on the environmental conditions.

Animals May 10, 2018

Indian Minister Who Criticized Darwin's Theory Of Evolution Draws Flak From Scientists

Indian Minister Satyapal Singh recently criticized Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution and called for its removal from the academic curriculum. The country's scientific community disputed Singh's opinion on the issue.

Feature | Science January 23, 2018

Discovery Of Organism That Hasn't Evolved In 2 Billion Years May Prove Darwin Right

Researchers have discovered bacteria that did not evolve over the last two billion years and thrived in a similarly unchanged environment strengthening Darwin's theory of evolution.

Animals February 4, 2015

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