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How To Protect Yourself And Your Family This Tick Season

The beginning of spring also means the start of tick season. This year, experts warned that there will likely be high tick activity after a wet winter and warm weather.

Public Health April 13, 2019

Chance Of Getting Red Meat Allergy From Tick Bite Higher Than Previous Estimates

The risk of developing an alpha-gal syndrome from a tick bite is higher than originally thought. Scientists found that alpha-gal is present in the saliva of certain tick species whether they recently fed on mammal blood or not.

Public Health February 25, 2019

Flea And Tick Medicine Can Cause Nerve Related Side Effects, Says FDA

The FDA issued a warning against a type of anti-flea and tick medicines that might cause adverse neurological issues. Dogs and cats that have taken these veterinary products experienced muscle tremors and seizures.

Medicine September 21, 2018

Oklahoma Woman Loses Limbs From Tick Bite: What You Should Know About The Deadly Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Deadly bacteria from tick bite destroy arms and legs of victim as doctors amputate to save her life. Flu-like symptoms four days after bite sent Oklahoma woman to the hospital.

Life August 17, 2015

Tick Bite Leads To Loss Of Limbs For Oklahoma Woman

When Jo Rogers returned from a vacation, she didn’t think that something as small as a tick bite will change her life forever.

Life August 14, 2015

Ouch! Tick bites may make you allergic to red meat

Getting bitten by lone star tick, commonly found in wooded areas, can get you to develop an allergy to a type of sugar found in red meat known as alpha-gal.

Life March 11, 2014

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