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Twitter Tested New Feature That Suggested Accounts To Unfollow: Here's The Reason Behind It

Twitter has confirmed that it rolled out a test that gives suggestions to users on what account to unfollow. The test was recently concluded, but the company refused to divulge its results.

Internet September 1, 2018

Interview: Social Media Meets 'The Hunger Games' In 'Unfollow'

In an interview, writer Rob Williams and artist Mike Dowling talk about 'Unfollow,' which combines a battle to the death with the entertainment and communication value of social media.

Comic Books June 1, 2016

Instagram Testing New Feature That Lets You Know Who's Following You Back

Instagram is following in the footsteps of Facebook with improvements being tested in its search feature. Check out what additional information you can gather from the new feature.

Apps/Software January 16, 2016

Now Facebook News Feed allows you to unfollow boring (and annoying) friends and Pages: Here's how

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that gives users the ability to better customize their news feeds. Users tell the social media network that they want to see fewer posts from particular friends, without completely unfollowing or unfriending them.

Internet November 11, 2014

Facebook streamlines News Feed to boost follow capability

Facebook tunes up its News Feed with several new controls. Giving users more control over what shows up in their news feeds makes for a better experience for everyone, says Facebook.

Internet November 7, 2014

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