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iOS 9.1 Will Come With New Emojis: Taco, Middle Finger, Unicorn, And More

iOS 9.1 will deliver new emoji from Unicode 8.0. There's a middle finger and cheese emoji, among others.

Apps/Software September 10, 2015

Unicode Version 8.0 Brings 37 New Emojis: Nerd Face, Taco, Popcorn, Lion Face, Prayer Beads And More

The Unicode Consortium released a new set of emojis which shall be the official emojis of the latest Unicode 8.0 version. It includes an emoji for taco as a response to the numerous requests from taco lovers around the globe.

Apps/Software June 19, 2015

Racial diversity coming to emojis as character library gets a make over

After lamenting the difficulty in capturing the diversity of the human experience within emojis, the Unicode Consortium proposes new skin tones for characters. Unicode Version 8.0 could include five new modifiers for adjusting the hues of emojis.

Apps/Software November 4, 2014

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