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Woman Dies After Doctor Removed Her Ovaries During Surgery Without Consent

When asked why he removed the woman’s ovaries, Anthony Dixon said they were getting in the way. The doctor, renowned for treating patients with bowel problems using vaginal mesh implants, is now under investigation by the NHS.

Public Health May 30, 2018

Vaginal Mesh Operations Should Be Banned: NICE

NICE recommended the ban of a transvaginal mesh implant to treat organ prolapse. The operation reportedly left women in permanent pain, in addition to various health complications.

Public Health November 28, 2017

Australian Class Action Case Filed Against Johnson & Johnson Over Vaginal Mesh Implants

More than 700 women in Australia have filed a class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over its vaginal mesh implants. The plaintiffs argued that the devices caused them to suffer excruciating and irreparable pain.

Public Health July 5, 2017

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