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FDA Releases List Of 'Safe' Blood Pressure Drugs Amid Sartan Recalls

FDA published a list of drugs that the public can take in place of recalled sartan medications. Amid the issues on impurity-containing products, the agency encouraged patients to still take their blood pressure medications.

Public Health April 6, 2019

US Faces Blood Pressure Drug Shortage Due To Recalls

Batches of blood pressure medicines were recalled over the past six months because of cancer-causing impurities. The FDA said Valsartan drugs are already in shortage, and more could become short in supply.

Medicine January 27, 2019

FDA Recalls More Valsartan Blood Pressure Drugs Over Cancer Concerns

More valsartan blood pressure drugs were recalled due to the presence of NDEA, a chemical used as fuel. Teva Pharmaceuticals issued a voluntary recall of two of its valsartan combination drugs for fear it might cause cancer.

Medicine December 1, 2018

FDA Findings Show Yet Another Impurity In Heart Drug Valsartan

The FDA has found NDEA, another known carcinogen, in some batches of valsartan drugs used for treating heart conditions and high blood pressure. The drugs have been added to the recalled list.

Medicine September 15, 2018

Common Heart Medication Recalled In 22 Countries For Possibly Containing Carcinogenic Chemical

Why is a commonly prescribed drug being recalled in 22 countries? Authorities learned that certain batches of an active ingredient are tainted with a possibly carcinogenic chemical.

Medicine July 7, 2018

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