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Super Worm Moon: What Is It And What Time Should You Look Up To See It

A Super Worm Moon will take place on Wednesday, where the moon will be slightly bigger and brighter than ordinary nights. Skywatchers should check the skies right after local sunsets on Wednesday and Thursday.

Space March 20, 2019

Spring Is Coming: Vernal Equinox Happens March 20 And Here's What You Need To Know

Researchers estimate that the vernal or spring equinox this year will begin at its earliest date since 1896. This is because the tropical year, which is based on the number of consecutive March equinoxes, does not have an even number of days, unlike the common calendar.

Animals March 17, 2016

Hello, Spring Equinox. Hello, warmer weather and cool Google Doodle

Spring has officially arrived with the arrival of the Vernal Equinox. After a particularly harsh winter, many people living in the Northern Hemisphere are looking forward to warmer weather.

Earth/Environment March 20, 2014

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