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People Are Eating Food With Packaging In 'Shell On' Viral Challenge

The Shell On Challenge involves having teenagers eat different food items along with their 'shells' or packagings. Some youngsters have even chowed down non-organic materials such as plastics and cardboard boxes.

Public Health April 24, 2019

#Trashtag Is The Latest Viral Challenge Everyone Must Try

The new Trashtag Challenge calls on people to clean up their neighborhoods. They need to take before and after photos and share them online using the hashtag #Trashtag.

Viral March 14, 2019

Burn Injuries From Viral Boiling Water Challenge Sending People To The Hospital

The viral boiling water challenge became popular amid record low temperatures in the United States. Unfortunately, the stunt is sending people to the hospital because of burns. Some suffered from face scald injuries.

Public Health February 9, 2019

#AndysComing Is The New Viral Challenge You Need To Know, Forget Mannequin Challenge

A new challenge is sweeping the internet as people accept the #AndysComing challenge for fun. The latest craze is causing quite a stir on social media as enthusiasts take up the challenge.

Internet November 8, 2016

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