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Higher Intake Of Vitamin A Could Help Reduce Skin Cancer Risk, Study Says

Vitamin A is known to help make the skin healthy. A new study has associated high Vitamin A intake to reduced risks of squamous cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 31, 2019

Study Shows Bacteria In Intestine Also Regulate Immune System

Brown University researchers found that the gut microbiome has a hand at regulating the immune system, preventing it from attacking the good bacteria that aid the body. It plays the role of moderating the production of active vitamin A.

Public Health December 19, 2018

Alzheimer’s Disease May Be Rooted In Vitamin A Deficiency

Alzheimer’s disease typically occurs in old age but now researchers have discovered the neurodegenerative condition may take root earlier when vitamin A deficiency is present during pregnancy or early after birth.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 28, 2017

Why Are Carrots Orange? Genome Sequencing Reveals Gene Behind Vegetable's Color

Genome analysis revealed a gene in carrots responsible for its orange color. This gene could be key to improving the nutritional content of the vegetable and other crops.

Feature | Science May 10, 2016

Vitamin A May Protect Kids From Malaria Says Study

A large dose of vitamin A supplement given to children may give them protection against malaria. Clinical trials are still needed to find the effectiveness of vitamin A supplement against malaria.

Life February 4, 2015

Choosing 'healthy cereals' for kids maybe not such a great idea. Too much vitamin A, study says

A new study finds that fortified breakfast cereals may be giving children more vitamins and minerals than is healthy. The fortified amounts are calculated for adults, not kids, the study says.

Life June 26, 2014

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