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The FDA Cracks Down On Drug Abuse, Requires Warning Labels On Opioids

The FDA will now require some opioids to have a label that features a warning that the prescription drug could be addictive and lead to addiction, overdose and death.

Life March 22, 2016

One In Five Children Receive Cough And Cold Medicines Despite Warning Against Their Use

A new study in Canada has found that a significant number of children under six years old still receive cough and cold medicines even with warning labels that advise against it. Researchers suggest stronger warning labels.

Life March 17, 2016

Man Sues Bethesda For 'Fallout 4' Addiction - Is Gaming Addiction Real And Should Developers Put Warning Labels On Games?

A Russian man sued Bethesda saying it should have placed a warning label that 'Fallout 4' was addictive. Find out what this case may mean for the gaming industry.

Life December 22, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Now Has Warning Label So You Don't Stick The S Pen The Wrong Way [Video]

After complaints of the S Pen getting stuck in the Galaxy Note 5 when inserted incorrectly, Samsung placed warning labels on all new devices. A new unboxing video on YouTube now shows the revised Galaxy Note 5 packaging.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 18, 2015

FDA Warns Against Mixing Alcohol And Chantix: Seizures May Occur

The FDA releases a safety announcement confirming that consuming alcohol while on Chantix may cause seizures. The packaging of the medicine has one of the most severe warning labels in the U.S.

Life March 10, 2015

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