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Giant Hole In Mars Atmosphere Responsible For Loss Of Water On Red Planet

A team of researchers found two atmospheric processes that allow water vapor on Mars to reach the upper atmosphere where ultraviolet radiation splits it into hydrogen and oxygen. To this day, the Red Planet is still leaking hydrogen into space.

Space May 14, 2019

Dwarf Planet Ceres Has Its Own Water Cycle

Data from NASA's Dawn spacecraft suggest that dwarf planet Ceres has a cycle of condensation and sublimation. Scientists said that this process was previously seen only on comets.

Space March 15, 2018

You Are Drinking Dinosaur Pee Every Day: Here's Why

A new YouTube video explains where all this dinosaur pee has come from.

Animals May 30, 2015

Magnificent beauty of frozen Great Lakes revealed in amazingly detailed NASA photo

The Great Lakes are nearly frozen over and a new photograph from the Aqua space observatory shows how far the ice has gone...

Animals February 24, 2014

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