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Preliminary Necropsy Results Of Right Whales Found In Gulf Of St. Lawrence Uncover Evidence Of Ship Collision

Scientists performing necropsy on the Seven Right Whale carcasses found in June reveal preliminary results. Evidence of ship collisions discovered but other causes not ruled out.

Animals July 16, 2017

43-Foot Sei Whale Carcass Beached In Northern Ireland To Be Taken Away For Tests

The dead body of a 43-foot sei whale was recovered from a local beach in Northern Ireland after washing ashore on Monday, Oct. 5. Environment experts now plan to transfer the whale carcass to a local landfill system

Earth/Environment October 9, 2015

Big, smelly job: Researchers carve up Newfoundland whale carcass, prepares it for Royal Ontario Museum

Trout River in Newfoundland will soon bid good riddance to the whale carcass rotting in its shore as the Royal Ontario Museum gets down to business in retrieving the body.

Earth/Environment May 11, 2014

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