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Gray Whale Stranded On The Beach For Three Days Successfully Rescued

A stranded juvenile gray whale was successfully rescued back to the water. The whale was beached for 3 days but managed to stay alive with human intervention.

Feature | Science August 20, 2017

Preliminary Necropsy Results Of Right Whales Found In Gulf Of St. Lawrence Uncover Evidence Of Ship Collision

Scientists performing necropsy on the Seven Right Whale carcasses found in June reveal preliminary results. Evidence of ship collisions discovered but other causes not ruled out.

Animals July 16, 2017

NOAA Suspends Whale Rescue Efforts After Rescuer's Death

The NOAA has announced their suspension of whale disentanglement efforts as a result of the accidental death of a veteran rescuer. The decision was made to review their current emergency response protocols.

Animals July 14, 2017

Whale Rescuers Faced Difficulties While Rescuing Beached Pygmy Sperm Whale in California

Though they wanted to help so bad, rescuers had to put off helping a beached pygmy sperm whale because of conditions in the area. The young whale appeared to be injured and bloodied.

Earth/Environment January 11, 2015

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