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Eating Fiber-Rich Food Can Significantly Lower Risk Of Chronic Disease, Says Study

New research provided evidence that meeting the daily recommended intake of fiber can significantly reduce the risks of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. The research also found that diet high in fiber is associated with lower body weight and cholesterol.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 11, 2019

Farting Often Is A Sign Of Good Health: Study

Despite the embarrassment associated with farting, researchers found that it is actually a sign of good health. In a new study, people who passed air more frequently reported better health, while those with less farting episodes said they felt more bloated and tired.

Life December 15, 2015

Want to Live Longer? Eat Whole Grain Foods, Suggests New Harvard Study

Eating whole grain foods may increase longevity, Harvard study suggests. Whole grains are richer in nutrient value in comparison to white bread and white rice.

Life January 6, 2015

Americans not consuming enough whole grains and fiber, study warns

Americans need to consume more whole grain to get the necessary daily fiber intake, a new study has warned.

Life February 5, 2014

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