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Wrapping Your Router With Aluminum Foil Improves Wi-Fi Signal, Study Says

The claim that wrapping aluminum foil around a router’s antenna improves its Wi-Fi signal has been debated for ages, but it turns out it might actually be legitimate. Researchers from Dartmouth have developed a customized reflector that can actually improve Wi-Fi speeds.

Internet November 9, 2017

Some Netgear Routers Are Easy To Hack: R6400, R7000, And R8000 Confirmed To Have Security Vulnerability

Three of Netgear's routers have been found to be vulnerable to basic attack, which could lead to the complete takeover of an entire network. This is mainly blamed on the routers' inability to filter out malicious commands hidden behind web URLs.

Computers December 12, 2016

TP-Link Talon 802.11ad Router Will Make You Stop Complaining About Slow Internet Speed At Home

TP-Link's new Talon AD7200 is the first router to include Qualcomm's 802.11ad technology. The wireless router also has four Gigabit Ethernet and two USB 3.0 ports.

Internet January 7, 2016

Google Introduces Customizable Shells For Its OnHub Router

Google wants to make sure its OnHub wireless routers are displayed out in the open, so it is now selling three shells for the device, along with the launching of a website dedicated to customization.

Gadgets December 9, 2015

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