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Newborn Child Of Mother Who Drank Kratom While Pregnant Treated For Withdrawal: Report

A newborn had to undergo withdrawal treatment after his mother drank kratom during her pregnancy. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. says that this case is not unique.

Public Health November 9, 2018

Heroin Dealer Shares Experience Selling Drugs Online via Silk Road

A 40-year-old man from New York appeared in court today to reveal to the jury at Ross Ulbricht’s trial how he almost got away making $70,000 selling heroin to addicts on withdrawal through Silk Road.

Internet January 30, 2015

Sorting real drug-withdrawal tremors from fake? There’s an app for that

Researchers have developed an app to determine whether patients who come into the emergency room from alcohol withdrawal really have the symptoms or are faking them. The app is reported as good as junior physicians in discerning whether the patient is faking.

Life August 29, 2014

Hormonal contraceptives up risk of gestational diabetes

According to a new study, contraceptives increase the risk of gestational diabetes. However, it is not conclusive and needs further investigation.

Life July 19, 2014

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