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On World Health Day: 5 Important Facts You Need To Know About Depression

The World Health Day 2017 has put depression as the focal area. The event is putting the spotlight on millions of people driven by extreme anxiety, disability, and suicidal thoughts. Depression, as a mood disorder, has many causative factors.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 8, 2017

On World Health Day: Global Effort Necessary To End HIV/AIDS

Health organizations plan to continue the great progress in HIV treatment and prevention. Consistent efforts by PEPFAR are getting close to ending the AIDS pediatric epidemic in Africa.

Public Health April 7, 2017

WHO Names Depression As Leading Cause Of Sickness And Disability, Calls For Urgent Action

The World Health Organization named depression as the world’s leading cause of sickness and disability. Their program “Depression: let’s talk” aims to urge people with depression all around the world to seek for help.

Public Health April 1, 2017

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