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What Made Zika So Deadly? 7 Proteins May Be To Blame, Say Researchers

Zika caused a public health emergency last year. Now, researchers have identified key proteins that may have been responsible for the virus’ severity, taking them a step closer to mitigating threats Zika still has.

Public Health January 4, 2017

Zika No Longer A Public Health Emergency But Remains A Threat: WHO

The WHO reclassified the Zika virus from a global health emergency to an ongoing threat, described as any disease that is easily spreadable and very dangerous and intrusive. Examples of ongoing threats include malaria.

Public Health November 19, 2016

You Can Get Both Zika And Chikungunya Viruses From One Mosquito Bite

New researches related to the Zika virus suggest that mosquitoes could also be carrying both chikungunya and dengue. The manner Zika would interact with the other two viruses in human patients is still unknown.

Public Health November 15, 2016

Zika Virus Shrinks Testicles, Reduces Sperm Counts In Mice: Should Men Worry About Infertility Risks?

Zika virus infection causes shrinkage of testicles and low testosterone levels in male mice, reports a study. Male mice infected with Zika virus are four times less likely to fertilize healthy female mice than their healthy male counterparts.

Public Health November 2, 2016

Wynwood Now Zika-Free: Florida Governor Rick Scott Urges Community Effort To Keep Zika Transmissions At Bay

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced on Monday, Sept. 19 that Miami’s Wynwood region is free of Zika virus transmission. The governor also urged people to visit Wynwood later this month for the 'Dine Out Wynwood' event to support businesses in the region.

Public Health September 21, 2016

FDA Recommends Zika Virus Testing For All Donated Blood, Blood Components In US Territories

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recommended nationwide screening for Zika virus in all the donated blood and blood components. FDA revised the guidance issued earlier in February considering the risk of travel-related infections through blood components.

Public Health August 27, 2016

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